2022 World Gymnastics Championships Team Qualifications (Saturday 10/29 SD 1&2- Sunday 10/30 SD 3-10)

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If this is the right thread, start lists for day 2 are out.


Things I’ve noticed so far; Tang and Ou are the AA competitors for China, Giorgia Villa is only doing UB/BB with Iorio the alternate for Italy, Zsofia Kovacs only VT/BB, Jennifer Gadirova FX only. Ashikawa Urara is also an alternate and will not defend her title.

Thanks for sharing! Also interesting that Kovacs is only doing one vault, when she just won vault at Euros. Must be injured.

Too bad about Iorio, it sounded like she looked good in PT. But I can understand Italy wanting a floor worker.

And Canada only has Black in the all around, which is surprising to me. I guess they’re going all-in on team.

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When does the comp start?


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15 min!



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So are there live scores/hits anywhere? (Sorry if it’s posted somewhere; I did try to look but getting booster and flu shot together has made me slow and dumb today!)


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Yes, live scores are here: https://gym.swisstiming.com/2022/Artistic-15871/en-us/Default

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Jen Gadirova sticking to floor is sensible I think. She’s obviously dealing with injury recovery. GB don’t really need her on beam, the five of them are all usable and if it’s time for a GB beam meltdown then it’s happening regardless. Whereas they do need her on floor, neither GMF nor Ondine can get above 13 consistently for a hit set.

I imagine British Gymnastics are desperate to not get blamed for this.


Surprised about Canada. They definitely could have got a second AAer in.

Emma Malewski isn’t doing AA for Germany, which I think realistically means they are unlikely to be represented in the final.

are there any streams i can watch with a vpn?

I wish Kim Bui was here.