2022 World Gymnastics Championships MAG All Around Final (Friday 11/04)

TBD place marker for event

I’m hoping that Asher Hong can hit to his potential.


Does either US guy have a realistic medal shot in AA?

I want Hashimoto and Yulo to have good days. I’d also like Jarman to hit his full FX so we can see where the score goes. Really want Fraser to win the last round of his PH battle here.

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It seems unlikely. Spencer of the Balance Beam Situation didn’t list either in his bronze medal contenders.

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Wow that was some first rotation on fx! Hope these guys keep the hit routines coming.

was it just the one fall issue? not as bad as his TF routine

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Hashimoto improved his pommel qualifying score by 2.667. If he hits the rest of the way can anyone catch him?

I wish Yulo could get a little less nail biting on PH.

9.2E for Jarman’s vault compared to some of these 9.1E ratchet Tsuk 2.5s?!

I have to learn PB code, I literally have no idea whether things are hard or not

You’re probably ahead of me. I don’t even know what the things are.

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I know diamidovs, stutz, tippelt and shit, but, as this isn’t the 80s, that’s little help sadly. And dismounts of course.

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This Hungarian guy is Hollie Vising the shit out of these twists

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This hungarian gymnast has lovely form. Shame he’s short on all his twists.

Hashimoto was short on that triple full. In wag that would get the treatment.

I know so little, the first time I read your post I thought “shit” was another element on your list. I thought, “well that’s a weird name. Maybe it means something else in German.”

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