2022 World Gymnastics Championships Event Finals Day 1 (Saturday 11/05)

TBD placeholder for event

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Any Start Lists for Day 2 of EF?

Curiously, the FIG website links to Day 2 of Kitakushi EFs!

they are here

go to sunday


What an ending on floor!

you’re very welcome! I don’t like Rebecca’s draws

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1st 3rd and 1st. What are the chances?!

It starts at 915 am eastern time, right? (Or 945 for peacock or whenever they turn the feed on…)


The scheduled time for the start of mens floor is 1.30pm local


Peacock is apparently going to make us wait right until the first athlete takes to floor. Irritating.

No Chris and Craig on BBC?

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so no CHeng for Jordan according to what John said

Sounds like they are using the Eurovision commentators

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I hope the 1st athlete on floor isn’t contagious

It should not be a thing that it takes longer to score a routine than to do one.

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Ok it just transitioned to Craig and Chris mid routine

Hang on the bbx have suddenly changed commentators

My kid wants to know “why did that guy draw all over himself?”