2022 Winter Olympics: Back to Beijing

The Olympics is coming back without a delay and with domestic spectators. It takes place February 4 - 20 and the Paralympics take place March 4 - 13.

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Excellent… hopefully it can run as planned.

The NHL is dropping support due to Covid-19. That’s unfortunate. The men’s event will be an easy with for ROC again.

NHL players and teams were understandably concerned about being stuck in China for up to 5 weeks if they tested positive. The way the omicron variant is ripping through the league right now (a league that is fully vaccinated, minus one player, Tyler Bertuzzi, you selfish fucking idiot) I think that was a very valid concern. The number of players in the Covid protocol is looooooooong.

I’ll also note that the decision not to go in 2018 was made by team owners; this time, the NHLPA was in agreement that they should not attend Beijing.

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