2022 Szombathely World Challenge Cup

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Addison Fatta did two vaults. Granted the second vault was a tsuk tuck back, but two vaults.
Looks like the new two vault era Sacramone era is under way.


This is another competition with no live scoring, no stream available outside Hungary, and a start list which is seemingly only available because one of the competitors posted a picture on social media.

How difficult is it for the FIG to do these things in 2022?


Some videos being posted
Videos - YouTube



  1. Natalia Escalera MEX 13.283
  2. Teja Belak SLO 13.033
  3. Greta Mayer HUN 12.933
  4. Addison Fatta USA 12.816
  5. Tijana Korent CRO 12.816
  6. Aneta Holasova CZE 12.766
  7. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 12.566
  8. Sara Surmanova SVK 12.383


  1. . Addison Fatta USA 13.500
  2. Katelyn Jong USA 13.366
  3. Zoja Szekely HUN 13.333
  4. Natalia Escalera MEX 13.10
  5. Sydney Turner CAN 12.900
  6. Sara Sulekic CRO 12.500
  7. Lilla Makai HUN 12.433
  8. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 12.433


  1. Sydney Turner CAN 13.400
  2. Greta Mayer HUN 12.733
  3. Barbora Mokosova SVK 12.533
  4. Ada Hautala FIN 12.500
  5. Lai Pin-Ju TWN 12.400
  6. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 12.266
  7. Lucie Trnkova CZE 12.233
  8. Mirtill Makovits HUN 12.066


  1. Greta Mayer HUN 13.466
  2. Katelyn Jong USA 13.466
  3. Levi Jung-Ruivivar USA 13.200
  4. Sydney Turner CAN 12.700
  5. Aneta Holasova CZE 12.633
  6. Paulina Campos MEX 12.300
  7. Ada Hautala FIN 12.266
  8. Natalia Escalera MEX 12.100

so sweet


Videos from prelims

Lauren Hopkins is doing live tweets. Nice surprise on vault from Addison Fatta

Addison Fatta lands her DTY a bit squatted with a hop, but then comes out with a nice surprise upgrade from yesterday’s tsuk back tuck – a tsuk layout full! Form wasn’t quite perfect yet but it’s going to be hard for anyone else to beat her difficulty.


Nice. she is going to win this.

  1. Addison Fatta, United States, 13.366
  2. Teja Belak, Croatia, 13.216
  3. Greta Mayer, Hungary, 13.016
  4. Tijana Korent, Croatia, 12.916
  5. Natlaia Escalera, Mexico, 12.899
  6. Maisa Kuusikko, Finland, 12.849
  7. Aneta Holasova, Czech Republic, 12.666
  8. Sara Surmanova, Slovakia, 12.133

Uneven Bars Final Standings

  1. Zoja Szekely, Hungary, 13.733
  2. Sydney Turner, Canada, 13.666
  3. Addison Fatta, United States, 13.600
  4. Natalia Escalera, Mexico, 13.233
  5. Katelyn Jong, United States, 13.133
  6. Maisa Kuusikko, Finland, 13.133
  7. Sara Sulekic, Croatia, 12.566
  8. Lilla Makai, Hungary, 12.266

Good showing for Fatta.


Where are the GBR women?!

There were no GBR women at this comp

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I thought they were selected

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I made the same mistake, but it’s Mersin that Ellie and Ruby are going to.


She also got a 5.4/8.200 on bars which is pretty decent score.

If Wong and DiCello are out for Worlds I can see Fatta and Zeiss neck and neck for alternate.

I’m digging this new era. It’s great to know where they score against other athletes from other countries.


Some odd judging today in the bars final. As per usual, just noway near a sufficient separation between the best and the worst. For example, the MEX gymnast I gave a 6.9E when they gave a 7.5. And yet they only gave an 8.133E to the winner (from HUN I think) when I had an 8.4.

There’s literally no point in judging if you’re just gonna give everyone a 7.9. It just turns into a contest of who has the biggest D score.


So a “D” measuring contest?

/I’ll see myself out…

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