2022 Russian Cup

It seems like melnikova and Urazova finished 1 and 2

Melnikova fell on bb. New floor music and had a low landing on her first line.

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Who’s the girl with the 14.3 on bb? And why haven’t i still managed to read Cyrillic after all these years?

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Elena Gerasimova

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This huge twitter thread has tons of videos


Where is Listunova?

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Lusty bars:

She didn’t compete AA. She looked pretty out of shape

that Ricna was pretty scary

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and following up on scary shit, here is minaeva missing the hindorff 1/2 (would that be the minaeva?) -it’s not THAT scary, it could have gone wrong but it looks like it was a clean fall-

Melni with a somewhat new beam set, nice ro-LO

it’s called the martins… it is cool!

Down the above linked twitter thread, it said that Listunova is coming back from some unspecified injury.

I don’t think Melnikova looked too bad. Didn’t she take an extended break?

Melnikova won the AA and Gerasimova got injured on vault.

that’s too bad… this vault was kinda scary

What business does she have doing a DTY like that? Her FTY was barely done well.

No need to be doing that vault this year while Russia can’t compete internationally.

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Melnikova’s floor. Much better than the day before.

I get the ban and support it, but also, I’m really going to miss Melnikova in international competition this year.


This one wasn’t much better.

Not as actively dangerous as Gerasimova, but still, why? Absolutely no need.


I apologise if this has already been discussed, but do we know when Russia & Belarus will most likely be allowed to compete internationally again?

Not that I’ve heard. But it will be up to individual sports federations. It also could be that Belarus’ ban is lifted earlier.