2022 Romanian Jr championships

Here’s Voinea’s BB:

And everybody remember the new rules, if you say shit like “I can do a better split” you must provide visual proof on a made-up low beam in your living room

Why on god’s green earth would you give this girl all split jump variations? I hope these will change when she goes senior and they understand she will just never be able to do these without terrible deductions.

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While her splits are certainly better than mine…. And I’d like to think they’re diligently working on it… has she improved at all on them this season? It looks like she’s got a knee wrap… so maybe that’s it? She’s obviously very talented and I want her to succeed but…l don’t know.

I mean, they sefinitely arent the worst split jumps we’ve see (head over to the kim kelly thread for those). Maybe it was the filming angle or my uncritical eye, but i didn’t hate them. No ugly-ass rings = good routine to me!

The fx ones aren’t as bad as the bb ones but those are def skinneresque

My first thought was that she reminds me of Ragan smith with her cutesy choreo and questionable technique


I was just thinking that she reminds me a lot of a younger Skinner.

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I mean the acro is better, to give the girl some credit. Skinner was very chucky in the beginning. But the leaps …

I didn’t want start a new topic for this…
Sabrina with a new bars dismount. If you scroll down in the thread there’s a still on landing position. … yikes!

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That’s a very open tucked position. Needs to be tightened up some. Or go for a Ray, I suppose.

She had what seemed to me a lot of unconnected elements on BB. I haven’t seen this year’s beam routine of hers before; does she normally attempt connections on some of those elements?

Just seemed odd with a random back tuck, and random switch 1/2… others stood out too but I’m not going to go back to list them. It’s more the impression to me of a lot of single skills… she’d score much better with some of them connected.

And after she did the front aerial I think they really need to put some choreo there. She looked like she was in practice or warm up just walking backward to end or beam like she was about to repeat the skill

On the positive side, her form does look somewhat improved from the past few years…when it was considerably more Skinner-esque on the tumbling.

I’d love to see her, Barbosu, Puflea, Ghighoarta, Stanciulescu, Sfiringu, and Ceplinschi give it a go at worlds next year. I think they’d have a shot at qualifying for Paris

On that note, I’m a bit confused, will Romania’s withdrawal from team competition at worlds this year affect their ability to compete next year at worlds as a team ??

( I remember in some quads you had to place top 24 one year to be able to enter a team the following worlds? Or am I imagining that rule? )


Romania can qualify a senior team to Antwerp in 2023 via European Championships I believe. And IIRC it’s the top 8 teams there (Antwerp) that qualify to the Olympics. I hope that’s right. Rules changed.

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Yes, as long as Romania finished top 13 at next year’s Europeans, they will qualify to Worlds in Antwerp.
In Antwerp the top 9 teams not already qualified to Paris will qualify in Antwerp. Since the top 3 teams in Liverpool auto-qualify to Paris. Without Russia in 2022 it opens the door for an additional team other than USA-RUS-CHN to qualify this year (Hoping it is Brazil!) and be able to secure a spot in Paris.

Yes. Previously at the mid quad Worlds, teams had to be in the top 24 in order to qualify a full team to the Worlds which acted as qualifier to the Olympics.

However, now entry to Worlds is through the Continentals. So as long as Romania sends a team to Europeans next year and they place in the top 13 they will receive an invitation to Worlds and can qualify to Paris if they rank in the top 9 (not counting the three teams that qualify this year).
So for example in 2019, the top 9 teams were invited outside of USA-CHN-RUS, which had placed top 3 in 2018.

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Thanks for explaining

I know their federation has made some really dumb moves, so i was hoping this wasn’t yet another one of them.

I know it’ll be a long shot, but I think if they’re healthy and hit they can qualify for Paris…
At least they will have the opportunity

Romanian individual junior nationals…here’s a few videos I’ve seen pop up.

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Sabrina’s gymnastics is so raw and lacking refinement. I just can’t see her ever being a polished senior.

The banana back on her UB can’t be good for her longevity.

She looks taller too. I guess we’ll see what the new year brings for her, but if she’s got a double yurchenko and a decent floor set, I’d think she’d have a good shot at making their team.

And as soon as I saw this bar angle, I was like oh Doug is going to crucify these sets :grimacing:.

I hate everything about the fisheye lens they used for the videos.

The UB routines as a whole are looking rough in terms of form.

The switch 1/2 on beam is very 2013 Skinner.

Reminds me of Porgras as a junior.