2022 Paris World Challenge Cup

I hope she isn’t carrying an injury. Jones could absolutely medal at Worlds, although it will be a deep field.

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Rebeca has a double double dismount on UB


Flavia has a chusovitina on floor


DJDS is looking pretty great on bars.


Start lists for quals:

I wondered if that was it too, seems absolutely no reason for her not to do bars otherwise. The US clearly need Shilese for TFs and she’s a finals contender. Couldn’t be anything other than helpful for her to get an international score and to potentially go into worlds with the reputation boost of having won a recent world cup.

Jones is now doing UB, BB, and FX according to the start lists. Unless she just plans to scratch UB? Do we know if she did a routine during podium training?


That’s a gorgeous Fabrichnova. Though I hope we don’t see it in competition for a bit… must save her knees at all cost.

So, if the start lists are correct:

Shilese Jones is listed for bars, so the US line up is Chiles/Carey on VT, Chiles/Jones on UB, Jones/Carey on BB, Chiles/Jones on FX.

Rebeca Andrade is NOT listed for vault. Bars only. Euros vault gold and bronze medallists Zsofia Kovacs and Aline Friess are there but are only doing bars as well, so the biggest competition for the Americans might be Lisa Vaelen or Coline Devillard.

Notable others
Ellie Black: BB
Flavia Saraiva: BB, FX
Melanie de Jesus dos Santos: UB, BB
Jennifer Gadirova: All events (No idea if she actually has a second vault though).

France are using the extra host country spot on 5/6 apparatus for the men, but aren’t using it at all for the women, and are completely unrepresented in women’s FX. They must have someone who could have used those spots.

The injury to Charpy is obviously hindering France. If Worlds is out for her then they are likely trying to keep a healthy team in tact. Heduit was supposed to compete but withdrew,
The Worlds team is likely MDJDS, Friess, Devillard, Heduit, Boyer. With Osyssek-Remier potentially making the team.
VT (Heduit), MDJDS, Friess, Devillard
UB (Boyer) Heduit, Friess, MDJDS
BB (Friess) Heduit, Boyer, MDJDS
FX (Boyer) Friess, Heduit, MDJDS
If France wants to challenge for a top 3 finish and an Olympic berth, it is imperative these 5 are healthy in Liverpool.

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some vids

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Jordan did a Lopez and it was pretty good!

Jade did her usual Cheng but a bit scrappier legs than usual.

MDJDS falls twice on Nabs, sloppy rest of the routine and barely salutes after a poor dismount.

Shilese falls on uprise tkatchev. Ok rest of the routine but not her best. Big hop on double front.

Oh Melanie…

That is brand new for her I believe. She was doing Tsuk Full in NCAA.
I wonder if she is planning on progressing toward a Cheng.

Jordan was tight on bars (13.4) but hit and is sitting in 4th now. Shilese fell on her tkatchev, still got a 13.1 so might make it into finals but not sure where she’s sitting in the standings and Andrade and Oliviera are still to come.

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Both GB gymnasts did two vaults, but received a 2.0 deduction. (vaults from same group, I would assume?)


Jade and Jordan are ranked 1 & 2 on vault going into finals.


I really do like her on bars!


I saw a video of Jen doing a FTY. Maybe she did a double and a full?