2022 Paris World Challenge Cup

Incredible nominative entry list!

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Basically a mini worlds, I’m excited for this competition

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Same! I just had to force myself off the Eurostar website because I realised it’s my father-in-law’s birthday that weekend :disappointed:

This is delightful:

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US women attending a world cup?! This really is a new era.

No DiCello…but Blakely and Zeiss. Testing out potential alternates with Kayla going to college?

Who knows. We don’t know if anyone else was offered the assignment first but turned it down to focus on Worlds and these were just the people who said yes going down the results line. Like it could have been offered to Konnor and Jordan but they turned it down to rest Konnor’s back and Jordan’s shoulder. It’s hard to guess the strategy if we don’t know if anyone passed on this.

Sacramone did say she wants everyone on the National Team getting an international assignment every year so everyone gets the opportunity to represent Team USA. Looking forward to all the World Cups we’ll get next year!


IAM GOING :slight_smile: Just arranged everything, SO excited!!


I hope that this is televised.

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During Marta’s first couple of years as the NTC, one of the things that she got right was sending gymnasts to more competitions, even if these were sometimes just minor meets. One of the most surprising assignments I remember given happened in 2001. Kupets and Postell had originally been scheduled to compete in the Japan Junior International, but withdrew following the 9/11 attacks. Instead, they were both sent to the Glasgow Grand Prix that December.

In 2003, multiple international assignments were cancelled, with security concerns following the U.S. invasion of Iraq being given as the underlying reason. While I don’t doubt that this was a consideration, I have to think that the results U.S. gymnasts obtained despite being relatively inexperienced internationally also played a role. For example, in 2001, 4 of the 6 gymnasts were competing in their first major international championship, yet they won team bronze, and every gymnast qualified to at least one event final. Similarly, in 2002, all four gymnasts were making their world championship debut, with it reportedly being Sheehan’s first international competition ever. As a result, the belief became that the camps were sufficient. Of course the system had its blind spots and one could argue that results in 2001 and 2002 could have been even better if the gymnasts had more international experience, but I can understand why assignments were reduced following that initial push.

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Sacramone and Memmel won the 2004 World Cup final on vault and bars respectively.

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That’s really interesting. I found my first message board in 2002 so I didn’t know this security background. I do remember Postell from Glasgow 2001 though. I have a soft spot for Zorba routines and her tumbling was excellent.

Those WCF qualifications combined points from worlds as well as world cup competitions. Memmel might have qualified to the final based on her joint 2003 world championships alone, don’t remember if she did world cups given her foot injury in 04 after SCAM. I think I saw Sacramone compete in the Paris world cup in 2005.

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Has Zeiss ever competed a 2nd vault?

I liked the format of multiple qualification competitions leading to a final. I was fortunate enough to attend in 2000, 2004 and 2008. It was a good chance for gymnasts to make up for disappointing Olympics EFs e.g. Cheng Fei

I think the vault entry lists for these events quite often include people who don’t have two vaults. Unless there is reason to think she will debut a second vault at this competition, the most likely outcome will be that she doesn’t vault, or does one and is then listed as a DNS for the second. This also applies to both British gymnasts on the list.


Sunday September 25 at 7:20 am finals will be aired live.



Updated nominative list: https://www.gymnastics.sport/asset.php?id=fidb_12775

Weird that Carey is doing BB instead of FX, but I guess it’ll be good to see how Chiles is scored. Carey has plenty of international scores for hit routines so we generally know how she’s being received. I would’ve liked to see Jones to bars, though! She’s by far the strongest there, probably in the whole field.


I wonder why Jones isn’t doing bars and it is a bit odd to see Carey on BB but since these three are the core of the team, seeing how they fair on events they might not do in team finals is an interesting strategy. Unless they want to see how Jones and Carey score on beam and Chiles on floor internationally with this code.

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I think that they may very well want to see how these routines score internationally. Jade’s floor and Shilese’s bars are probably pretty set for worlds in a lot of ways, but they need to sort who they’ll put on various events.

No Jade on floor makes sense–there are a lot of data points for her floor. The biggest surprise for me is only one person on bars. It would be nice to either get Shilese the practice or see how Jade’s current bars would fair.

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Agreed. When she is on, Shilese is a world beater. I would like to see her get more practice hitting bars.