2022 Nastia Liukin Cup: February 25, 2022

Qualifiers are happening now!

Anyone going to be watching? I love watching this meet, I coach JO so I actually know some of these kids! Super excited to see Nikki Smith and Faith Torrez. Anybody else you are all looking forward to seeing?


I will try to find a write up on the NCAA commits. Usually College Gym News has one. I like to watch the athletes and know what NCAA team they are going to.

Wondering if Faith Torrez is done with elite and focusing on level 10 this year. She is headed to Oklahoma in the fall.

Weather is causing issues for these competitors. Tons of flights into Dallas were cancelled today.

It has been quite a mess! I hope everyone arrives safely!

I wish they would push back the podium training to allow for them to arrive, i know some havent even gotten on a plane yet, and some decided to drive it.

PODIUM TRAINING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qly6CKzqMus

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Yay! Im watching!

It will be on FlipNow after it’s finished and uploaded.

Do you have to pay to watch after the fact? Will Usa gymnastics still upload all routines to their YouTube?

FlipNow is so new that I can’t guess if it will affect USAG’s YT habits yet.

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Start list and Live Results

2:30 EST on Olympic Channel

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Oh Nastia… that’s a no.

Pink everywhere.

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The leotards are hideous. The collar thing is distracting

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Junior version.

Oh wow Amanda Borden’s daughter is competing!

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Amanda Borden’s daughter.

Same Smile.

Pepsodent Junior!


That high black collar makes some gymnasts look like their shoulders are held hunched up by their ears. I see the neck come unsnapped on one gymnast. It looks terribly uncomfortable.

Workout version:

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