2022 Mediterranean Games June 26-29 (Olan, Algeria)

Italy are the defending champions from 2018.
:it: Italy
:greece: Greece
:fr: France
:malta: Malta
:es: Spain
:egypt: Egypt
:croatia: Croatia
:slovenia: Slovenia
:tr: Turkey
:portugal: Portugal
:cyprus: Cyprus
:algeria: Algeria

The Womenโ€™s Qualifying/Team Final for this was today.

Team Final:

Italy 161.950
France 156.600
Spain 148.450
Turkey 146.700
Portugal 143.300
Egypt 140.850
Slovenia 129.100
Algeria 126.850

Italy sent their strongest team, France look like they were missing a couple of people. Not sure what Spain have in reserve (e.g. Is Roxana Popa still competing?) but finishing less than two points ahead of Turkey would be slightly concerning if this is the team which will be trying to qualify for Worlds.

Martina Maggio qualified 1st for the AA final ahead of Asia Dโ€™Amato, Carolann Heduit and Lorette Charpy. Charpy however apparently suffered possibly another knee injury during the competition.

Spain lost Olympian Mariana Gonzalez to Iowa State and I believe she has retired from elite.
Cintia Rodriguez was recovering from a knee injury that kept her out of the Olympics and her status is unknown.
Ana Perez also missed out on Tokyo due to major injury and her status is also unknown.
Unsure why Roxana Popa was not on the team.
Also unsure about Laura Bechdeju being left off as well.

Maybe they wished to give the younger athletes some experience before Euros and Worlds?
Here is their roster:
Laura Casabuena
Emma Fernรกndez
Lorena Medina
Alba Petisco
Claudia Villalba

Just as a side note, Turkey brought their A team to compete so not surprising to see them that close to Spain and even France. I think Turkey will qualify a full team to Worlds at Europeans.

Also I do hope that Charpy is not too injured.