2022 Leotards from any international Meet (and some USA Elite Meets)

Please post your pictures from leotards from any international Meets and some USA Elite Meets.

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This one is panams .

I really don’t like the neck strap. It looks like a neck strap to hold their pants up! And I don’t like the way the strap divides their chest. Awkward…

Maybe I’m weird but I find the excessive lines to be the most offputting element. Great colour though.


It’s just so busy. I might like it without the center line/strap, but it needs some editing.

The center strap is either collar/leash or business tie-esque. Neither option is very nice on a leotard.

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If the mesh around the neck was just solid fabric this would be a lot better. (I prefer no mesh for the sleeves but I wonder if maybe the gymnasts like it.)

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I like it especially on the darker skin tones.

Great color.

I’m loving this leo. It has the right amount of color and sparkle for me…not too boring and not too over the top.
loving it