2022 Doha World Cup

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serious punch on this punch front after the DLO here:

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aaaand of course Chuso:


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All those jokes we’ve made over the years about how the only things that’ll survive the nuclear apocalypse and Chuso#s gymnastics career seem horribly pertinent this week.


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EF qualifiers:

Women’s Vault

Viktoriia Listunova 13.466
Csenge Maria Hungary Bacskay 13.033

Oksana Chusovitina UZB 12.949

Tjasa Kysselef Slovenia 12.766

Arina Semukhina 12.466

Dorina Boeczoego HUN 12.399

Sihem Hamidi ALG 11.599

Nisrine Hassanaine MAR 11.500

Uneven Bars

Viktoriia Listunova 14.700

Daniela Batrona 12.833

Mariia Minaeva 12.533

Anastasiya Smantsar 12.200

Bianka Schermann 11.066

Lucija Hribar 10.766

Ella Borg 10.033

Lahna Salem 9.500

WAG Balance Beam: Vladislava Urazova; Nora Peresztegi; Anastasiya Smantsar; Hiu Ying Wong; Lucija Hribar; Tjasa Kysselef; Csenge Maria Bacskay; Korkem Yerbossynkyzy.

WAG Floor Exercise: Vladislava Urazova; Anastasiya Smantsar; Dorina Boeczoego; Mariia Minaeva; Daniela Batrona, Bianka Schermann; Aida Bauyrzhanova; Keira Rolston-Larking.

Listunova training 2 vaults?

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Listunova’s second vault is a Podkopayeva.

I moved those posts over to this thread since it is in the correct category for World Cups and not just WAG.



WAG Vault:

  1. Oksana Chusovitina, 13.433
  2. Maria Bacskay Csenge, 13.150
  3. Victoria Listnova, 13.133
  4. Tjasa Kysselef, 13.033
  5. Arina Semukhina, 12.699
  6. Dorina Boeczoego, 12.600
  7. Sihem Hamidi, 12.050
  8. Nisrine Hassanaine, 11.233



The result we needed.

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Yay for Chuso!


Doha UB Final

:1st_place_medal: Viktoria Listunova 14.566
:2nd_place_medal: Maria Minaeva 13.366
:3rd_place_medal: Daniela Batrona UKR 12.466

Apparently there were two separate medal ceremonies and they weren’t on the podium together. Which I think was in the best interests of all three athletes, especially with them being minors. The best case scenario is that it’s really awkward, the worst is it draws untoward attention.

Yay times ten!!!

And Chuso is going to continue competing!! I mean this woman is beyond ageless. Just amazing.


If she ends up making her 9th Olympics (which I am sure will happen at this point) there really needs to be some sort of celebration for her at that event.
We should be full in audience in Paris so it will be fantastic if there is a standing ovation for her.

I wonder if we can petition the FIG to create a commemorative medal for her to be given at those grades.


That is a great idea. I don’t even have a good enough adjective or noun at this point. Icon? Nothing quite does it.

We should petition the FIG, the IOC and basically everyone to give her an automatic spot in Paris. There needs to be a rule that once you’ve done a certain number of Olympics, perhaps 7, you get lifetime entry.


We should give this some thought. There may be various ways to define the criteria which would get Chuso in but not be too broad.

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There is something quite poignant about one podium being all about the joy of seeing the former Soviet, Chusovitina still winning, to the next podium moments later involving 3 teenagers caught up in a war. It makes me very sad