2022 Commonwealth Games

When the green light goes on, the gymnast must start the exercise within 30 seconds - if she does not start the exercise until 31 seconds, there is a ND of 0,30 as Rich posted above. She CAN still start the exercise. If she exceeds 60 seconds to start the exercise (after green light) then she forfeits the right to start the exercise (DNS).

Kinsella took longer than 30 seconds after the green light, but started less than 60 seconds.

It was frustrating to watch. I was right by bars and watching the timer while yelling “get going”in my head. At least it didn’t end up affecting her ranking. Aside from that it was one of the best bar routines I’ve seen her do.

Would have been a 14.0 score without the ND. That’s a decent score. Her FX was looking much improved too.

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Thank you for the correction. I thought it was 30 seconds and judges can terminate the exercise. I blame Tim Daggett for this as he clearly stated in the 2003 Worlds that Hollie Vise took more than 30 seconds after her fall and the judges could have stopped her. Or maybe I am mixing it up 20 years later…

Yes, this a relatively new rule. In 2003 you would have had your exercise ended if you took more than 30 after a fall on UB - and in that time, the fall time calculation started as soon as you fell, and not this “the fall time starts when the gymnast is standing on her feet” sh*te" that is the rule now!

What you are describing is no longer a neutral deduction. What would incur the 0.3 would be if a gymnast started outside the low bar, then ran under the low bar, followed by a jump to high bar mount.

Is that to prevent a chance of them bonking their heads on the low bar?

Thank you for explaining!

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It was interesting to hear Christine say that post-Olympics they knew they needed to work on improving her floor. I like hearing about longer term strategies. Guess it worked. I’m curious to see how consistent her 2.5X punch front full is at euros (it did not go well in touch warms ups for the AA so I was not surprised when she fell). On her best day she’s capable of 14 on vault (her DTY is finishing much earlier now, albeit with form issues) and bars plus mid 13s on beam and floor for an impressive 55 AA.


I think it was the start of the exercise that Daggett was referring to. The whole realising she had no number…looking for her number…making a replacement number with paper and pen incident has to have taken more than 30 seconds. I think people in the arena at the time said the clock was restarted multiple times.

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You might be correct, but I know I heard at some point in my gymnastics viewing career that after a gymnastics fall I heard a commentator(s) say a gymnast has 30 seconds to get back on bars or the routine would be ended.

Got it! Thank you

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