2022 Commonwealth Games

We now have the detailed gymnastics schedule. Squee!

Schedule | Birmingham 2022

Friday 29th July is MAG team, Saturday 30th WAG team, Sunday is both AAs. MAG starts at 9am, which seems as good a way as any to guarantee a minimal audience, WAG is the afternoon. Then Monday 1st August is the first half of the EFs and Tuesday 2nd is the rest.

I got an email this morning confirming that West Midlands residents can apply for tickets as of July, and they go on general sale in September. Apparently the cheapest tickets will be £8 for kids and £15 for adults! I presume those will be as rare as rocking horse shit, but hopefully indicates that the prices will be a bit lower generally than Liverpool worlds, which I know several gymternet people have been priced out of.

Anyone planning to go? I am. I want to go to ALL OF THE THINGS after the year we’ve had.

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I’m interested. in going but I’ll wait and see.
The schedule seems pretty gruelling if people qualify to AA and a couple of EFs.

I mean it is grueling, but it’s not like the schedule has changed since 1990 when gymnastics returned to the CWG and the athletes gotta get used to it if they want to compete at Worlds or Olympics, which also includes a team finals portion.

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I plan to go if I can get tickets. I was thinking of volunteering because that was really fun at 2014 CWG. However since it will have been so long since live gymnastics by then, I think I might be happier knowing I can watch everything and not worrying about getting a role away from the field of play/in another venue.