2022 Canadian Championships (May 26-30)



These are on this weekend. I don’t have much info, but here’s what’s happened so far:

  1. The leader after day 1 is Sydney Turner. She’s 17 and a new name for me, so I’m excited to see more of her. Her UB from yesterday is here.
  2. Shallon Olsen, Rose Woo, and Ava Stewart are all competing. Shallon sat out bars and the other two did AA.
  3. Ellie Black withdrew at the last minute to protect a sore ankle. She wants to compete at CG and then Worlds.
  4. Kyle Shewfelt mentioned in an event preview that Moors and Padurariu are both considering a comeback. He gave no further information and I’d take it with a grain of salt at this point, but I wouldn’t be mad.

The second day of competition is tomorrow.

ETA: Day 1 results

I’d love to see Padurariu and Moors back. It seems like Padurariu in particular never really had the senior career she could have had.

Agreed, but at least she had a stellar 2018! She even beat Mustafina in an all-around competition (yeah, Musty was not at her peak but I’d still call it a feather in her cap).

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