2021 Worlds (Kitakyushu, Japan) Draw

Not great draws again for whoever qualifies first and almost every final MAG and WAG

I will say it is kind of exciting to have another big meet coming so soon, usually there is such a long time in between

I really don’t understand it at all. The all around is ranked by qualification finish. It doesn’t make sense to have a random draw for event finals. There is no incentive to qualify first at all. I don’t know why event finals can’t be in reverse order of qualification like pretty much any judged sport (trampoline, diving, DMT, tumbling)

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Do we have a timetable yet? I couldn’t see one on the website. I know it’s 18th to 24th and presumably the Saturday and Sunday are the usual EFs, but not what order the MAG and WAG are in.

Yeah I’m starting to get work meetings scheduled that week so the detail is important. Unfortunately worlds is during Uni term time so I’m not in control of my schedule.

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I like it being random as you get different stories all the time. Sometimes it’s a big name going first and setting a target for everyone to beat (e.g. 97 beam final). Sometimes you get back-to-back favourites which helps comparisons. Sometimes late in the order you get a surprise outsider getting into the medals. Sometimes gymnasts have to adjust their routines knowing what came before (e.g. 2015 PH). Sometimes they have to go all out for difficulty if they are up early. I like the variety. I also wouldn’t want judges having the pressure of knowing who the general audience expect to be 1-2-3.

I understand that, but what you have stated for evidence of why the random draw is a good idea, would also apply to the all around. Yet, it is not.

Wouldn’t it be somewhat beneficial to go earlier in the lineup of an EF because of the lack of a one touch?

Has there really been any example in recent memory of scores rising in an 8-person rotation?

To be honest I preferred random in the AA as well. However I do appreciate that having a top group makes it easier for non-gymnerds to follow.

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I also wish the AA draw was random

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I’m surprised Canada is only sending 2 athletes.

Would a compromise be to have it grouped 1-6, 7-12, etc. but to have order random within those groups to add the adjustments and tension?

I kind of like variation in event finals as well, but I know in sport people very much feel like if you did the best in quals you should get the best spot in final. It’s also interesting because not everyone actually likes having that last spot–some people prefer to go first and get it over with, or go while they’re warm, or fifth is their lucky number, or whatever. It would probably be chaos, but if you were really going to give people the perceived best spots based on qualifying, you should let them pick their spot in the order, based on how well they did in qualifying

Going early in the lineup can be good because of the lack of one touch, but going at the end of a lineup often allows gymnasts to head back to the training gym before their routine methinks. Probably 4th and 5th are the worst if I had to make a guess

I’m not. The only two left are Black and Stewart.

Olsen is headed back to Alabama. Moors is headed to UCLA with Padurariu.
Emma Spence is headed to Nebraska. Onyshko is headed to Stanford. Denommee is headed to I forget where. Not sure the Kaying Woo sisters are up to.
Clara Raposo could have been potentially in the hunt for both the Olympic and World team but IIRC she is injured.

RGF coming to fck sht up. Please China 1st subdivision and a lot of dominant gym countries also early.

Ah, I figured they’d send Olsen for another VT medal. Lucky for them Black didn’t retire after Tokyo, b/c their roster seems pretty thin with so many leaving for NCAA.

I did not realize RUS was not competing as RUS. I thought that was just an Olympics thing…

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It doesn’t matter where China is for this meet, they’ll all be dead exhausted. There is barely/maybe not even 3 weeks between the National Games’ gymnastics competition ending and when whoever is left standing would have to board a plane to Japan.


So this meet is going to be an absolute shitshow, isn’t it?


Australia has withdrawn