2021 Worlds Day 2 EFs

My hopes for today are Yulo, Murakami and Uchimura winning golds. Not too much to ask is it gym gods?


Yulo was beautiful! I don’t understand how the Japanese got only two tenths lower on his frist vault (e score)


I really thought Medvedev was going to do a Jade Carey on his first vault. Looked like his run was off.

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Lovely pike shape on the Blanik for Medvedev.

where are you all watching? sorry, first day I’m actually free…

BBC, for my sins. Craig is having a particularly stupid week.


yay I’m watching on twitch!

I would say resolution is about 13 frames per second, so I won’t venture scoring live

Speaking of which, he’s just said Vorona is getting the vault final underway.

Apparently FIG YT works with a VPN set to a country that has no coverage (Nigeria).

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Vorona just sent shocks thru the arena by having an acro series


Declining to complete a wolf turn series and jumping off before finishing is the only appropriate thing to do with that element. Well done to her. Moral victory.


Everyone……this is the last major beam final we’ll have to endure with triple and double wolf turns in the same routine!

Excited Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons


Luo is up and I’m down to 2 frames per second

oh dear god it was literally one frame she’s soaring above the beam, next one she’s on the floor head down. What happened?

Probably for the best.

She slipped and fell on the layout, she’s up and ok now though. Finishing.

ok so 2 falls out of 2. Come on Rebeca baby bring me another medal!

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what is the delay on this score, please. Vorona I could understand with that ghastly wolf 2/2.5/3 but this is clearly a no acro case?

YES ASHIKAWA. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I looooove Ashikawa. Love her style, love her rythm. Just a few too many wobbles today