2021 worlds Day 1 EFs

Morning all! Is is just me?

Big news is, Hashimoto and Zhang Boheng have both withdrawn today. I don’t think any withdrawals for the WAGs so far.

We’re now watching the MAG floor warmup. Interestingly rather than all 8 warming up then doing the competition, the first 4 warm up, then compete, then there is a second warmup. Yulo just did the highest, most beautiful front pike timer. I’ve missed getting to see this.

Morning :slightly_smiling_face: I’m awake as well. Argghhh Yulo :woman_facepalming:

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Dragged myself out of bed to watch Bartolini and Yulo… though I would like to see Skinner do well.

I agree about having touch warm ups back. Still can’t believe it took 20 years.

MAG ROs get funkier at every competition.

Some very cockeyed efforts today.


This floor final is good but it’s not helping my prediction scores :wink:

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Bet you didn’t have Soravuo on the podium!

So pleased for Bartolini - that does help my predictions!

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Medal for Finland with such a well performed floor. Brilliant EF to start us off.

Love the podium, nothing to complain about with a Bartolini Minami Suravuo top 3. But ohhhhh, Carlos…


Nope! I had Yulo, Karimi, Minami (Bartolini).

I really want to see how high a stuck Andrade DTY goes on E score.

So do ! She was the only 14.8 of the quad in major competition in Tokyo prelims. That being said, if I were her I wouldn’t try to stick it. She doesn’t need to, and the less her knees have to cope with the better.


Andrade has such a good half on entry. All the way around.

Lovely to see Taman hitting.

Beautiful vaulting Andrade.

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Well… there’s our vault champion!


14.8 with a step. Lovely vaulting.

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Well this is adorable


Is it just me or does Bakscay facially have a look of Mustafina?

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