2021 World WAG AA Finals (10/21/21)

Vault: Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Bacskay, Urazova, Martins
Bars: Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Lee YS, Visser, Asia D’Amato
Beam: Alice D’Amato, Shin SY, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton, Serber
Floor: Woo, Ceplinschi, Slevin, Williams, Siegenthaler, Maennersdorfer

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I’m pretty excited. It would be interesting to see how well Wei and Urazova can score if they do their best. I wonder if Wong and DiCello can hit 4 for 4 again. It would be very exciting if it was close going in to the final rotation but that would probably require a fall from Melnikova and it would be nice if she could hit.

I think this is the link for scoring (it was down for me yesterday though)

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There appears to be a live stream on the FIG YouTube Channel if you are outside the US or using a VPN. Opera with the built-in VPN set to Asia is showing it for me. The Olympic Channel will also be streaming, for those with appropriate subscriptions

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My brain is mushy. So this is 5:00am est and 4:00 cst right?

Yes, 5am EST!

Oh wow. I did look at a time conversion thing but I was hoping that I messed up GMT (or something) and calculated wrong. 6:30 Pacific Time is early for me these days.

eta: I know that is when gymnastics happened during the Olympics, I just had wishful thinking that the packed Olympics schedule was what made it so inconvenient (for me) to follow gym live.

FIG world feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpCkATzGlww
It’s Geo-blocked if a provider in the country you are in has brought rights. I’m stuck with BBC, but that’s fine. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/gymnastics/58297541 for UK viewers without a VPN)

BBC viewers: what is going on with this pre-stream boogie muzak? :laughing::man_dancing:


I love these warmup area cameras. More of this, please.

Just saw Kayla land a double double on floor with a step. Others mostly standing around.

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Yes the warm up footage was random but fascinating.


The gymnasts have come out in such a random order??

Hope we stay on the vault warmup… just seen Urazova do a Yurchenko layout timer. She is the big question mark this rotation.

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Why are the Americans wearing the same leo - this is the ideal opportunity to wear something ‘pretty’ rather than a team leo?

Just a full for Urazova’s final warmup vault. Not an amazing one actually. I think (hope) that tells us what she’s planning.

Oh no……a kiss and cry for AA.

Christine is totally girl-fanning over Ceplinschi!


Noooo - Wei off UB :astonished:

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Oof, Wei Xiaoyuan off bars. That routine started off so beautifully, the quality of her swing is something else, and then it just went wrong. She had also missed a connection before that, so I think this is going to be pretty rough. Cannot see her medalling now.

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I actually cannot cope with Serber on beam. Even before she fell it was too much. Just get through it!

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