2021 WOGA Classic

Hey, all! I just came across a video of Chiles at the 2021 WOGA Classic–I didn’t even know they were having one this year–so I figured I’d start a thread for it.

Shame about her floor routine, but she looks really good and much more confident than before. Her beam is solid. Bars, it seems like she’s working towards a Tkachev + piked Tkachev combo? No Amanar here, but no doubt they’re training it.

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Olivia Greaves

Chiles looks good. Floor was a shame, but it didn’t look like it was because she was overextending or doing anything she wasn’t prepared for–it just wasn’t quite there. Olivia looks like she’s still coming back from all the disruptions of the last year. Would the first wolf turn count on beam count as a fall on or against the apparatus?

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Jordan…always looking great until the meltdown.

Olivia, oh my. She just does not appear ready, and that’s worrisome with Winter Cup around the corner. That’s a hugely important net this year, and I can’t see how she places high enough to get a national team spot if she repeats these routines.

I saw a couple routines from some new wogettes. Flashbacks to 2006 with their bar routines: flat tkatchevs, whippy paks, and toe shoots!

Yes I think that’s a fall as if she hadn’t put her hand down she would have fallen off. She puts full weight on it. She scored 11.95 so that would fit with the deduction.

Wow, Greaves is a totally different athlete.

Chiles was very impressive on UB and BB. IMO the best she’s looked this quad.

I hope she concentrates on the DTY and doesn’t go for the Amanar as her DTY is one of the best in the US and World IMO.

FX is unfortunate. I love that she is going for big difficulty, but she always has issues with her tumbling on FX.