2021 Russian Nationals (March 8-14)

see Gymnovosti for schedule and links: https://eng.gymnovosti.com/2021-russian-championships-schedule-and-links/



Men’s qualification

11:30 – 13:30 (3:30am-5:30am ET, 12:30am-2:30am PT) Subdivision 1 (no stream)

15:00 – 17:30 (7:00am-9:30am ET, 4am-6am PT) Subdivision 2 (Live stream)


Women’s Qualification

11:00-12:40 (3am-4:40am ET, 12am-1:40am PT) Subdivision 1 (no stream)

14:00-15:40 (6am-7:40am ET, 3am-4:40am PT) Subdivision 2 (no stream)

17:00-18:40 (9am-10:40am ET, 6am-7:40am PT) Subdivision 3 (Live stream)


All-Around finals

13:00-15:30 (5am-7:30am ET, 2am-4:30am PT) Men’s AA Final (Live stream)

17:00-19:00 (9am-11am ET, 6am-8am PT) Women’s AA Final (Live stream)


Event Finals

12:00-15:00 (4am-7am ET, 1am-4am PT) Men’s Event finals (FX, PH, SR), Women’s Event Finals (VT, UB) (Live stream)


Event Finals

12:00-15:00 (5am-8am ET, 1am-5am PT) Men’s Event Finals (VT, PB, HB), Women’s Event Finals (BB, FX) (Live stream)

Start lists and results will be posted on the federation’s website.

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Only in the United States do we get to see more coverage of Russian Nationals than US Nationals.

#thanksFLO :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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And it makes me sad. I hope my area/state starts catching up on vaccination rate soon so I can go to Trials.

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If anyone happens to come across start lists not in Cyrillic … :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

I hear tell Nabz won’t be competing. Is it even gymnastics without her?


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve transliterated Cyrillic but here goes (apologies ahead of time for typos and mistakes…):

Group 1:
Lyubov Akhaimova
Irina Oreshnikova
Anna Skripka
Ekaterina Zhurilova
Elizaveta Dudanova
Alyona Arkusha

<there is no group 2 listed…>

Group 3:
Tamzhid Zhamsaronova
Olga Bochkarnikova
Olga Levenkova
Ekaterina Ivanova
Elizaveta Volodina
Azalia Kamalieva

Group 4:
Sofia Mavrina
Sofia Korolieva
Tatiana Minaeva
Liovov Pushkina

Group 5:
Aleksandra Maizel
Elizaveta Galkina
Anastacia Iliankova
Zlata Alimova
Arina Ishchuk
Kristina Starodiova

Group 6:
Maria Agafonova
Olga Golub
Valeria Kralivina
Alina Shklokova
Viktoria Raimova
Valeria Novozhilova

Group 7:
Arina Semikhina
Ekaterina Pisarevskaya
Diana Stavrova
Aleksandra Shchekoldina
Anastasia Dolenko

Group 8:
Alyona Glotova
Anastacia Artamonova
Natalia Kapitonova
Elena Gerasimova
Daria Belousova
Maria Minaeva

Group 9:
Lilia Akhaimova
Elena Eryemina
Anastasia Kureeva
Ekaterina Boeva
Kristina Kazan
Valeria Saifulina

Group 10:
Uliana Perebinosova
Angelina Simakova
Viktoria Trikina
Varvara Zubova
Olga Astafeva
Viktoria Listunova

Group 11:
Kristina Romanova
Yulia Viriola
Daria Skripnik
Ekaterina Fishchenko
Maria Kharenkova
Vladislava Urazova

Group 12:
Angelina Melnikova
Anastasia Salnikova
Vlada Kotliarova
Irina Komnova
Elena Lukhodolskaya
Yana Vorona


Thank you so much! I’m so pumped to see how these women are doing!

Wow, that’s a lot of competitors!

Vids are up on this channel. Melnikova is doing a Lopez as her first vault here, likely indicating a placeholder for a Cheng in Tokyo. We’ll see if that comes to fruition.

Scores from qualifications can be found here:


If my rusty Cyrillic is correct:

  1. Liistunova
  2. Urazova
  3. Vorona
  4. Melnikova
  5. Akaimova
  6. Gerasimova
  7. Minaeva (?)
  8. Simakova

… and I’m lost at that point. Not sure if I don’t know the names or am just reading them wrong.

ETA: seeing the new seniors really underscores how much time has passed. Urazova looks about 21.


Yes, you are correct with those! Through Google I had auto-translated the page. Vlada does indeed look older. Crazy that she’ll be 17 at the games and has not competed internationally as a senior yet.

more footage can be found here:


god these commentators just won’t SHUT. UP. during fx. It’s particularly egregious for me cause I have no idea what they’re saying lol.

Uzarova and Listunova looked a little underwhelming on floor to me, were they doing bigger passes before? It’s all so 1998-y. I do appreciate that Uzarova’s just like feck this shit y’all Imma do two godawful wolf turns back-to-back and imma smile thru it.

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So the Olympic Team is fairly sorted out already. No surprises, the top 4 are the ones most predicted would be the Olympic Team.

1-4 in the AA: Listunova, Urasova, Melnikova, and Geraminasova.
Based off the beam disasters from the first 3, Geraminasova needs to be on that team.

Vorona was also solid on BB but fell on VT and three times on FX in day 2.

Still some time to go but this is very USA 2016 when it was pretty obvious which 5 it would be.

In some ways I think the individual spot/s selection will be more interesting.

Depending on how tomorrow’s EF goes, I think the team will be:
TEAM: Listunova, Urazova, Melnikova, Gerasimova/Vorona
+1: Ilyankova/Minaeva/Gerasimova/Paseka

Paseka is still training, yeah? What a shame that Ilyankova fell in EF, as she’s probably Russia’s most realistic shot for a medal of all the +1 contenders. If Minaeva’s Nabieva 1/2 + Ezhova materializes, then she definitely has a great chance for the team.

Paseka is not training for this year. Has not retired officially, but likely is.

Interesting. She was training a DLO 1/1 on floor and a Bhardwaj in December. Seems like a bizarre time to back off of training–maybe her back is flaring up worse.

A while ago she said she wanted to have a baby and then come back and compete afterwards. Think that was pre-covid though.

Her back is “fine”, according to her.

She stopped training because she didn’t qualify for Tokyo and “is 25 already” and doesn’t feel like it makes sense to try to stay for another quad.

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So AA:
1 Listunova
2 Urasoza
3 Melnikova
4 Geraminasova

VT: Melnikova
UB: Urasoza
BB: Listunova
FX: Melnikova