2021 NCAA regionals discussion

Bracket Here:

Shockers of Illinois and BYU dropping out of regional finals.
NC State cinderella story continues as they survive the play in and semi-finals.

They must be so tired. I can’t imagine competing three days in a row, especially considering that it’s all been very dangerous elimination meets.

I’m really happy with how things turned out for them considering they shouldn’t have even been in the play-in.

Their final ranking is going to be 16 at worst, a huge boost for the program - I just hope their already generous home-scoring doesn’t get worse.

Scores at the SLC final absolutely atrocious…the fans in the stand might as well be judging the routines. SO bummed for ASU/Kentucky. Every team got overscoring, but the BB rotation for LSU was a joke. LSU did not perform like a top 2 team tonight but the judges saved them in the last rotation.

I agree LSU and Bama pulling major over scores at regionals.
Hoping for Utah and Oklahoma to oust them. Though I want Michigan to take the title.
Going to be disappointing when Minnesota and Cal get eliminated by Florida and UM.

IMO, the best 4 on the floor are Minnesota, Cal, Michigan, and Florida. The other four have some great gymnasts but often get blessed with over score.