2021 Euros prelims

WAG today, sub 1 just finished. Between work and temperamental livestreams I didn’t see anything, but the main news is that Urazova did respectably and Gerasimova bombed. She fell off beam twice and also got an 11 on vault. I don’t even know how you get an 11 on vault. I thought you could do a front full and get like 12.

Urazova only got 13.033 on beam, not sure what happened there, but the other three events went well and she has a 55.299. Not necessarily making any finals though, as she got a 14.5 on bars and 13.333 on floor. Could see her getting 2 per’d out of all three if the remaining Russians hit.

Adlterteg got 14 on bars so is in with a chance of making the final, and I don’t think there was anything else of note.


Thanks AR!!

Are the British girls up next?

Is there a link?

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No Gerasimova got an 11 on floor, not on vault. She fell on her double tuck and I must say her twists are a hot mess too.

The stream is terrible. They underestimated the amount of viewers BIG TIME. It keeps collapsing.
I did see Naomi Visser mess up bars; I really hoped she would have made the final and maybe even medalled. But alas…

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Alice Kinsella scored a low 13 on floor and Phoebe a 12,8. Didn’t see any routine. Kinsella 14,25 on vault, phoebe 13,3

Ok those scores for Kinsella are great. I had her PT floor at a 13.2 which was a hit.

Visser definitely could have made finals. Her PT routine looked great.

Sucks about the stream. Is european gymnastics Twitter uploading routines?

Sarah BOSS is competing in full leg black stockings

I’m loving it! From the video, it looks lovely.

Their Twitter apologised for the streaming issues and promised to post full videos

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Ha thanks for fixing the spelling mistake but BOSS was intentional :joy:

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On Instagram, European Gymnastics posted a link to a stream gymtv.online but all I can see so far is results, and a scrolling video screen. :sob:


Is there a results page?

Yes they keep apologizing, so you really can’t be mad. Just a little frustrating and nerve wracking. But the live scores are OK. Kinsella scored a 13,2 on bars btw

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My bad
Thought it was an auto correct

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It’s on the same page. So whenever the stream stops and the site goes down completely, we lose the scores as well. Which is now.

Ughhh. Has Kinsella and PJ finished their AA?

Is there any other link to live scoring?

I think we’re still in the third rotation.

Kinsella doing ok today. Isn’t this bad for a GB +1 though?

Wish we could watch it live.

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For anyone on instagram, @basel2021gym has a live feed. It’s not great but it’s better than nothing.
Alice Kinsella had a lovely bars routine, probably the best I remember having seen from her, but LARGE stumble on dismount (I’m not 100% sure she didn’t put hands down) for a 13.166

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