2021 Doha WC

fingers crossed then! Do you have the link for scores?

Waiting in expectation for today’s scores…

Floor spot for apparatus qualifiers for Tokyo is decided on qualification or finals?

Rebeca was supposed to compete floor. I Wonder what happened :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Lorrane landed her new element on fx

Spot is determined on EF

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hopefully she is just saving herself

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What happened to Mori’s D Score??? 6 tenths below Vanessa?

That doesn’t bode well for Vanessa in EF.

Vanessa’s floor

What’s the new element? I’m holding my breath it’s not a switch ring 7/2


I think it’s a piked double arabian with a half twist

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How the eff Vanessa Ferrari is still doing whip - full-ins with functional legs at all is probably the largest question I have in life.


Her Achilles hurts again? Yet she’s still doing whip full in?

Isn’t this montreal all over again?


Yeah, if it weren’t for her ankles and all, I’d say that’s really smart routine composition.

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Yes her composition is perfect. If she wasn’t repeating the skill that has brought her career threatening injuries time and time again.

I think I’m a bit sensitive about that pass because I saw it live in Montreal and I had to leave my seat for 5 min. I didn’t want to watch it. I knew right from the whip.

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same… it was horrible! There were so many Achilles tears in Anaheim in 03 as well

So is Italy certain that they don’t want either of Mori or Ferrari on their main team?
Because it seems like a bit of a waste to have both of them peaking now to compete for the floor spot or to risk the non-nominative spot going to someone you might want on the team.

Argh I’m going to be coaching when the rings final is on. It’s not often I care about rings!

Stream here:

15.5 in final - he’s in isn’t he?

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same! 15.5!!! That does it for him correct?