2021 Canadian Championships

2021 Canadian Championships, day 1:

  1. Black, E. 56.100
  2. Stewart, A. 54.900
  3. Moors, B. 52.650
  4. Spence, E. 51.150
    Woo, V. 51.150
  5. Miller, R. 50.900
  6. Denommée, L. 50.650
  7. Dowling, J. 50.600
    (it keeps automatically switching Miller’s 6th place to 5th for some reason no matter what I type)

Padurariu never made it onto the startlist or “to” the competition, sadly, despite its virtual format. I’ll assume she’s out of the running for Tokyo unless something extraordinary happens. Great to see Moors capable of AA. Olsen didn’t do AA, but she vaulted, I suppose. It’s best not to dwell on the Cheng.

Videos here: http://www.gymcan.org/events-results/canadian-championships-magwag/day1-videos


Loved Ava’s bars dismount

Holy cow, Ava Stewart might challenge Texas Dreams for most dangerous set on a double pike. Her bars is pretty archy too, though the pike double front dismount was cool.

Moors’ FX was lovely as always but the music is too slow for me. I’m not sure why they had her dismount w/ a rudi vs. a back 2/1 if they were watering down…she doesn’t have a back tumbling skill.

I hope Padurariu can at least get healthy for UCLA if OG/Worlds are out of the picture.

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Forgot how much I hate Ellie Black on beam but I love her on floor. This floor routine is being added to my list of favorites.
Love Woo’s floor choreography.

This has KZB written all over it.


What happened with Padurariu? Is she injured? It’d be sad either way to not see her in Tokyo.

The round off + layout stepout fulfills the requirement because:

  1. It is an acro line (two directly connected flight elements, with one being a salto).
  2. The layout takes off from two feet, unlike an aerial which has a one foot takeoff.

My bad, I totally missed that. Thanks!

Ava Stewart has consistently been 2nd AA to Black in all the meets so far. I def. think she is going to be going to Tokyo. Sad that Padurariu hasn’t been competing because now it seems unlikely she will make it to the Olympics.

Looks like Black, Moors, Olsen, Stewart as the 4 member squad
All 4 AA in TQ and if they make TF, Black and Moors AA with Olsen VT and Stewart UB/BB/FX

Oh my god!! That’s terrible!!! Look at her head in the second pic!

She needs to go to the Chellsie memmel school of setting for a double pike

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How beautiful is this?

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I took zero artistry deductions.

The rudi dismount is an interesting choice, but she has got a large hop out of it. I would love to see her do a leap out of it, or even a beautiful shushunova ala 2000’s floor.

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I LOOOVE the LOSO (for her back tumbling CR).

Reminds me of compulsories.

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I say nix the rudi. Do a ring leap jeez!

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