2021 Canadian Championships highlights video

Highlights from the junior and senior categories of the 2021 Canadian Championships in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - Virtual competition. With Ana Padarariu commentating


So sad about Padarariu “retiring” from elite. Hope she can stay injury free for UCLA!

Team Canada
Ava Stewart
Ellie Black
Brooklyn Moors
Shallon Olsen


Zoé Allaire-Bourgie announced her retirement on Instagram. I had high hopes for her back in 2019 but she struggled with injuries and the pandemic.

I always enjoyed her floor routine (that Gomez is LEGIT!!!):

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Another promising junior ruined by injury. I had Black, Padurairu, and ZAB, as the core of my Team Canada Olympic predictions 2-3 years ago. Le sigh.

My dream team was Black, Pad, Moors and ZAB, though admittedly Olsen might have made more sense than Moors. It was a nice dream!

Is Allaire-Bourgie headed to NCAA??