2021 American Classic (Suni Lee, Grace McCallum, Kara Eaker, + more competing)

USAG just put out the press release for this competition.

Apparently, Suni Lee, Grace McCallum, Kara Eaker, Leanne Wong, and Skye Blakely are all going to compete here.

All sessions are going to be on Flo though. Gross.

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Wow, that’s this weekend. Didn’t realize it was so close.


Full roster

Ciena Alipio, San Jose, Calif., Midwest Gymnastics Center, senior
Nola Matthews, Gilroy, Calif., Airborne Gymnastics Training Center, junior
Autumn Reingold, Van Nuys, Calif., Gymnastics Olympica USA, junior
Paloma Spiridonova, Torrance, Calif., WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Tiana Sumanasekera, Pleasanton, Calif., West Valley Gymnastics School, junior
Paityn Walker, Hercules, Calif., Head Over Heels, junior

Mya Witte, Greenacres, Fla., Genie’s Gymnastics, senior

Alonna Kratzer, Suwanee, Ga., Top Notch Training Center, senior

Hailey Klein, Lake Forest, Ill., Flips Gymnastics North Shore, senior

Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kan., Great American Gymnastics Express, senior

Kayla DiCello, Boyds, Md., Hill’s Gymnastics, senior
Anya Pilgrim, Germantown, Md., Hill’s Gymnastics, senior
Azaraya Ra-Akbar, Columbia, Md., World Class Gymnastics, junior

Temple Landry, Maple Grove, Minn., Twin City Twisters, senior
Sunisa Lee, St. Paul, Minn., Midwest Gymnastics Center, senior
Grace McCallum, Isanti, Minn., Twin City Twisters, senior
Elle Mueller, Ham Lake, Minn., Twin City Twisters, senior

Kara Eaker, Grain Valley, Mo., Great American Gymnastics Express, senior
JaFree Scott, Independence, Mo., Great American Gymnastics Express, senior

North Carolina
Kaylen Morgan, Huntersville, N.C., Everest Gymnastics, senior

Lexi Zeiss, Omaha, Neb., Omaha Gymnastics Academy, senior

Kailin Chio, Henderson, Nev., Gymcats Gymnastics, junior

New Jersey
eMjae Frazier, Erial, N.J., Parkettes National Gymnastics Center, senior

Izzy Stassi, North Royalton, Ohio, Gym X-Treme, junior
Gabriella Van Frayen, Lewis Center, Ohio, Gym X-Treme, junior

Skylar Draser, Breinigsville, Pa., Parkettes National Gymnastics Center, senior
Addison Fatta, Wrightsville, Pa., Prestige Gymnastics, senior
Lucy Tobia, Schnecksville, Pa., Parkettes National Gymnastics Center, junior

Skye Blakely, Frisco, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, senior
Sage Bradford, Flower Mound, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Karis German, Spring, Texas, World Champions Centre, senior
Madray Johnson, Dallas, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Katelyn Jong, Allen, Texas, Metroplex Gymnastics, junior
Avery King, Dallas, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Kaliya Lincoln, Frisco, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Ella Murphy, Frisco, Texas, WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Michelle Pineda, Allen, Texas, Metroplex Gymnastics, junior
Katelyn Rosen, Boerne, Texas, Mavericks Gymnastics, senior

Jamison Sears, Yorktown, Va., World Class Gymnastics, senior
Ava Siegfeldt, Williamsburg, Va., World Class Gymnastics, senior

Faith Torrez, Bristol, Wis., Legacy Elite Gymnastics, senior

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Too bad it’s going to be even less accessible than Euros quals.


Will USAG be posting videos or nah?

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At least the subscription monies will allow USAG to continue to pay its insurance premiums, right? Silver linings…


My understanding of the contract with USAG and FLO is that USAG is not allowed to post videos from any FLO broadcasted events. I would love to be wrong.

Totally horrid.

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I’ve made a judgey-judgey of the big names in case anyone finds videos and they can post them on here.

I’ve also made tabs for the upcoming US season (Classics, Nationals, Trials).

Are there any wizzkids on here who know how to do Excell. I can only go so far. I seem to remember that someone back in 2016 had a computer program / code which autogenerated the best Olympic team, based on averages from Nats and Trials. It would be amazing if we could somehow import that into here.

I’ve been trying to get my husband to write me an R program to compute the best teams with all scores, dropping high, dropping low, using averages, weight competitions, etc., but I need to get him the score data in Excel/CSV format. If someone gets me that, I’ll provide the results

I wrote a little program that did that about 20 years ago and a few times since then. It’s easy to do as long as the data is clean!


What if it was displayed like this?

Could the program be inserted in the “Team Calculations TBC” tab, on the right hand side?

Maybe we could say top 3 scores (i.e. - lowest removed) from both nights of Nationals and both nights of Trials.

And the team computation is the highest TF score?

Is our WWGym Judging spreadsheet data clean enough? We could use WWGym Averages (which are, themselves, high and low removed, and middle scores averaged).

And we could also use USAG Averages. And see if our team is any different from USAG’s team.

I think - for Rio - we broadly agreed with the top 5, right? Although the best TF score would have had Locklear in for Gabby - but given that Gabby was a safe alternate AAer, I think it was the best choice.

I don’t think there was any scenario where we had Skinner over Gabby, despite the cries from the Twitter universe.

I am still trying to figure out what is going on with Sydney Morris.


Same. I have absolutely no idea how that rolled around so quickly. Happy surprise though!

Ugh, I needed Morgan Hurd to compete so I could figure out if she is still in the running for my Olympic team.

I am also curious to see Faith Torrez’s scores. She seemed to rise like a rocket last year (uh, year before?) and it would be interesting to see what stage she is at.


I’m also really excited to see Torrez! She has three amazing events, and I’m excited to see if she’s upgraded VT or FX.

At Winter Cup, the new juniors looked noticeably weaker than they did when Liukin was in charge of the devo program. I hope they look better here with more training time post-shutdown.


Here’s who I believe is competing at Am Classic tomorrow and still needs to qualify to nationals:

Skye Blakely, Texas, WOGA (has qualified VT, BB, FX, trying for AA)
Skylar Draser, Parkettes
eMjae Frazier, Parkettes
Karis German, WCC
Hailey Klein, Flips Gymnastics North Shore
Alonna Kratzer, Top Notch Training Center
Temple Landry, Twin City Twisters
Kaylen Morgan, Everest Gymnastics
Elle Mueller, Twin City Twisters,
Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s Gymnastics
Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks (has qualified on VT, FX, trying for AA)
JaFree Scott, GAGE (has qualified on VT, UB, FX, trying for AA)
Jamison Sears, World Class
Ava Siegfeldt, World Class
Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite
Mya Witte, Genie’s Gymnastics
Lexi Zeiss, Omaha Gymnastics Academy

Sage Bradford, WOGA
Kailin Chio, Gymcats
Avery King, WOGA
Kaliya Lincoln, WOGA
Ella Murphy, WOGA
Michelle Pineda, Metroplex
Azaraya Ra-Akbar, World Class
Autumn Reingold, Gymnastics Olympica USA
Paloma Spiridonova, WOGA
Izzy Stassi, Gym X-Treme
Tiana Sumanasekera, West Valley
Lucy Tobia, Parkettes
Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme
Paityn Walker, Head Over Heels

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Man you guys are nerdy! If I wasn’t submerged in work already I’d be down for the Excel/R challenge, but the timing is bad. Love the nerdiness though.