2021 All-Around World Cup Series *Officially Cancelled*

The All-Around World Cup Series is cancelled

Feb/10/2021 ( https://www.gymnastics.sport/site/news/displaynews.php?idNews=3061 )

It is with regret that the FIG announces the cancellation of the All-Around World Cup Series in Artistic Gymnastics, which was part of the Olympic qualification system for Tokyo 2020.

The series was made up of four events – in Milwaukee (USA), Stuttgart (GER), Birmingham (GBR) and Tokyo (JPN) – originally intended to take place between March and April 2020.

While the first event took place last year in Milwaukee, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the three other events until 2021.

Despite the organisers’ best efforts, the reinforcement of entry bans in Europe in recent weeks has drastically reduced the ability of foreign athletes to take part in events in the continent, leading first to the cancellation of the World Cup in Germany last week, then of the World Cup in Birmingham this week.

The World Cup in Tokyo on 4 May, which serves as a test event for the Games in Artistic Gymnastics, remains unaffected for the moment.

The Olympic qualification system rules state that a minimum of three competitions must be held to validate the results of the series as a qualifier for Tokyo 2020. Consequently, the three Olympic places associated with this series both in Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics are to be reallocated.

Reallocation of the unused quota places

According to the rules, the unused places go to the highest-ranked countries in the team ranking results of the qualifications at the 2019 World Championships.

The following countries, therefore, obtain an additional non-nominative berth for Tokyo 2020:

  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics: Russia, China and Japan.
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics: USA, China and Russia.

Remaining places

To date, 82 places out of 98 in Men’s Artistic and 84 out of 98 in Women’s Artistic have already been allocated.

The remaining places at stake will be allocated through the Apparatus World Cup Series (the final stage of which is scheduled for 10–13 March in Doha, (QAT)) and the continental championships.


With this news (assuming Doha isn’t canceled) USA’s women’s team is guaranteed +2 at the Olympics. Jade Carey has one +1 by name, USAG can choose whoever they want for the second +1.

USA MAG has nothing and needs to focus on Pan Ams for +1.

China MAG and WAG now have guaranteed +2.

Russia WAG/MAG have +1, MAG could have +1 on PB after Doha, WAG needs to focus on Euros.

Japan MAG has this +1 and possibly +1 from HB after Doha, Hidetaka Miyachi has to beat Epke Zonderland at Doha.

Japan WAG has +1 on BB from Urara Ashikawa. They will need to focus on Asian Championships for a second +1, but will not have to compete against China for it, so barring meltdown performances should have +2 for Tokyo.


Can you explain what the difference would be if Doha was cancelled? I thought Jade was for all practical purposes qualified.


This is super interesting most simply because these teams can begin thinking about their choice of athletes right now. I assume Forster for the US will choose another specialist, since the 4 AAers who make the team proper will be duking it out for AA final spots.

Carey has VT/FX covered for EF considerations, even though technically she will be able to compete all four in prelims, just like the other non-nominative berth. Eaker? Wong? KcClain? Greaves? McCusker? Who is unlikely to be in the top 4 AA rankings after Trials and yet still be super competitive on one to three events? (Assuming top AAers are Biles, Hurd, McCallum, and Lee, but those are just my picks at the moment with literally nothing to go on except for uploaded training videos.)

She is and isn’t. Her spot is mathematically guaranteed, but it hasn’t been allocated, and won’t be until the conclusion of the apparatus series with Doha.

The FIG has always maintained that the apparatus series consist of 8 events with the best 3 counting, but isn’t specific about what constitutes a cancelled series. If 7 events are held and 8 are required, the series is presumably cancelled with Jade not earning her spot. The apparatus spots are then reallocated to AAers from 2019 Worlds.

Perhaps a different interpretation is because everyone (outside 2004/2005 gymnasts) had an opportunity to count 3 events, that the series is still considered complete. It’s bad press for the FIG to “revoke” Jade’s spot even if it was technically never allocated, so either they pressure Doha to host or this becomes their interpretation of the rules.


I will take Greaves off this list, sadly, after seeing where she’s at right now with her WOGA Classic routines. Chiles looks strong though! Looking forward to seeing everyone else in a couple weeks.

I think he will want a solid all arounder, although maybe one that is slightly stronger in events–he has said in the past that he is looking at the +2 athletes as serving as alternates for the main team.

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Russia WAG is quite lucky and I’m relieved. Melnikova, Listunova, Urazova, Gerasimova, and Minaeva are going to be a force to reckon with, if they’re in peak shape.

Here’s a vid in which Listunova shows a Shang, Nabieva + Pak, Shap + hip circle to handstand, inbar 1/1 + Pak + Chow 1/2, inbar 1/2, and Fabrichnova. Minaeva shows a Nabieva 1/2 + Ezhova, and Bhardwaj. I may have confused the two at the beginning of the vid, but I’m pretty sure it starts with Listunova.

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Thanks for posting. I’m feeling bad for Emma Nedov. She had a long but legitimate shot to qualify for Australia, didn’t she?

Ohhhh, I’d forgotten about the reallocation to AAers. A genuinely terrible idea.

This is an interesting article to look back on with hindsight, especially the comments about attendance at the 1980 World Cup.

I wish we were having a world cup final now. It always used to be about early Dec ish. The problem is that I’ve now got used to having a major championship every three months, and I can’t go back to the old way.


Thank goodness we aren’t in the era of worlds happening every four years.

I went to the Glasgow, Birmingham and Madrid editions of WCF and they were good competitions. Yes some withdrawals but still interesting fields. Cheng Fei redemption was my Madrid theme, I’m glad I got to see her compete in person one last time.

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The 00s world cup finals were mostly pretty great. It was a shame we got rid of them.

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