2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 5 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: GER/BEL/MG 5/ MG 2 (KOR, BRA)

Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

Gymnaverse Scoring:

:kr: Lee Yun-seo
:kr: Yeo Seo-jeong
:norway: Julie Erichsen
:mexico: Alexa Moreno
:hungary: Zsofia Kovacs

:de: Kim Bui
:de: Pauline Schafer
:de: Elizabeth Seitz
:de: Sarah Voss

:egypt: Zeina Ibrahim
:egypt: Mandy Mohamed
:brazil: Rebeca Andrade
:brazil: Flavia Saraiva
:sweden: Jonna Adlerteg
:belarus: Hanna Traukova

:belgium: Maeyllse Brassart
:belgium: Nina Derwael
:belgium: Lisa Vaelen
:belgium: Jutta Verkest

There is room at the top for Andrade… Just saying…


Someone is going to knock Canada out, aren’t they? I have nothing against Belgium or Germany, but Canada is the better team so urgh.
If Japan is also knocked out, I’ll be devastated for them - at their home Olympics, too.

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I do agree

13.42 average required to beat Canada in 8th.

Meanwhile, MyKayla Skinner has tweeted that she is heartbroken, though I’m not sure why.

German team looks lovely.

I love the unitard

Korean leo is so pretty

I blame USAG for not giving her realistic scores.


I imagine being 3rd best in the world on something and not being able to compete in the final is a bit of a shitter.


Love Nina’s choreography

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Not the first time
I thought the Romanians sweeping the AA was a beautiful moment. Other countries and our own brought us to this moment and Weber’s and Douglas’. and etc…

Does that put Nina ahead of Moors for the floors spot?

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Which is unlikely to be of any consolation.

When a 2 per goes your way it’s great. When it doesn’t it’s a travesty. That’s human nature.

Seitz should make the final. I’d live her to get a medal

Brazils Leo is not good.
Flavia hit though thats what matters :heart_eyes:

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