2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 4 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: CAN/FRA/ESP MG4 (Chuso, Steingruber)

Star List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

Gymnaverse Scoring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ItXWgdLfAP-U48C0qpO_2_MtKwZ6-F4Eid-8n81xbCU/edit?usp=sharing

:canada: Ellie Black
:canada: Brooklyn Moors
:canada: Shallon Olsen
:canada: Ava Stewart

:israel: Lithie Raz
:switzerland: Giulia Steingruber
:uzbekistan: Oksana Chusovitina
:costa_rica: Luciana Alvarado
:malaysia: Farah Ann Abdul Hadi

:fr: Marine Boyer
:fr: Melanie de Jesus dos Santos
:fr: Aline Friess
:fr: Carolann Heduit

:es: Laura Bechdeju
:es: Marina Gonzalez
:es: Alba Petisco
:es: Roxana Popa

Still awakeโ€ฆ

French leos very understated. Must be expecting to make TF and break out the fancier ones.

No time for this, thanks judges.
concern GIF

Does McDonaldโ€™s deliver?

Cause has to wait the whole competition to vault? Boooโ€ฆ

Fall for Stewart on VT.

Go Melanie!

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Yes Melanie, save us!

Melanie hit that lights out!

MDJDS BB I have 7.9

Strong and steady beam for mdjds, so it will probably bet a 12.

Shallon into VT finals in 3rd (after removing Myk)

She didnโ€™t hit some splits IMO. Letโ€™s see what they say. If itโ€™s like 8.3 then they Didnt take what I took for splits . They were all borderline

Exactly right! And so much faster!

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Yep. Those splits killed her.

Yeah, joke was on me! But one less person to knock Simone out of beam. Youโ€™re on fire today!

It was steady but quite a few minor deductions all added up. A death by a thousand cuts!

I bet she wanted to make the final as reigning euro beam champ

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It just feels like the knives were more sheathed for the first two subdivisionsโ€ฆ