2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 1 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: ITA/JPN/ MG3/ MG6

Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

Gymnaverse Scoring:

:it: Alice Dโ€™Amato
:it: Asia Dโ€™Amato
:it: Vanessa Ferrari
:it: Martina Maggio

:it: +1 Lara Mori

:ukraine: : Diana Varinska
:croatia: Ana Derek
:taiwan: Ting Hua-tien
:cuba: Marcia Vidiaux
:azerbaijan: Marina Nekrasova

:jp: Hitomi Hatekada
:jp: Yuna Hiraiwa
:jp: Mai Murakami
:jp: Aiko Sugihara

:jp: +1 Urara Ashikawa

:argentina: Abigail Magistrati
:india: Pranati Nayak
:singapore: Tan Sze En
:cayman_islands: Raegan Rutty
:czech_republic: Aneta Holasova

So. 90 min to go?

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Iโ€™m so eager to see how Vanessa Ferrari does

Iโ€™m interested in finally seeing the Tokyo beam penโ€ฆ

I think we are going to see loose scoring like we do every Olympics. That always bodes well for Skinnerโ€ฆ

My fear โ€ฆ

But Doha World Cup was pretty tight. Thereโ€™s hope.

I personally prefer loose scoring over nickel and diming, but I think at least the PB scores were quite loose yesterday, so I imagine WAG will follow.

As long as they nickel and dime everyone the same, Iโ€™m all for it


Conceivably you could have both. Rio started off very tight and ended loose, particularly on UB and to a (relatively) lesser extent BB

Yeah Italy and Japan might get burnt by that

Tell me what your first beam e score is end letโ€™s compare ha

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Could we add ITA to the WWGYM judging?

Thereโ€™s a separate tab for prelims. I havenโ€™t listed it by team tho, just by prominent AAer

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The multi apparatus feed so far has nada

I love watching gymnastics with you guys :heart:

Sharing the experience with a bunch of gymnerds is enriching.


Will it be Liz or tim?

Just had 4 seconds of fencing

Liz is doing the NBC stream. Tim only does the network coverage.