2020 Olympics: Non- Gymnastics Discussion

This thread is dedicated to non gymnastics discussion.

My favourite part of the opening ceremony was the manual pictogram montage. Magnificent. I also loved the drones and the Keleti montage where the sports from different eras were fused so smoothly. The ceremony was pared down even more than I expected but it was emotional, respectful and the speeches were well judged. I need to go translate “together” for the new motto.


I haven’t watched yet; spent most of the day sleeping. But I saw news reports that Naomi Osaka was given the honor of lighting the flame and I absolutely love that.


What other sports do you all make a point of watching at the Olympics?

For me it’s artistic swimming and track

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I’ll probably watch some swimming, diving, maybe rowing.

I’ll pretty much watch anything, but my favorites beyond gymnastics are swimming and diving. I’m also pretty excited about surfing and skateboarding as new Olympic sports.

I’ll pretty much watch anything but I enjoy swimming and diving a lot. I’m also excited for the climbing events this year, that’s super fun to watch

Swimming and diving, track, and I want to take a look at surfing since it is the first time in.

I’m watching judo and shotgun. I’ll also checkout freestyle wrestling 97 kg since Kyle Snyder and Abdulrashid Saudulaev are formidable competitors.

Swimming because Maryland apparently breeds them different and there’s always a Marylander blowing away the competition (Phelps, now Ledecky).

Diving because it’s like gymnastics but more aerodynamic.

I usually follow soccer in the rest of the cycle (mainly women’s), but I need to catch up on that because of my personal schedule. I’ve loved rowing, though, as well as water polo. Very, very curious about climbing (a saw ice climbing at the X Games III back in the 90’s in San Diego), and also pentathlon (I’m a cross country running fan, and that is one of the component sports, IIRC).

Watching the men’s bike road race right now (unless it just ended before break).

I’ll watch anything. Especially the less popular sports. Some of these sports don’t get much attention during the rest of the cycle at all.

I really like watching women’s soccer and recently got into climbing. So I will definitely watch those sports if they aren’t at 3am😅.

I’m so excited that Anastasija Zolotic is the first US woman to win gold in taekwondo and Lee Kiefer won US’s first gold ever in individual foil for fencing.

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Random opinion: after watching gymnasts get up from really devastating crashes and keep going, you can’t watch soccer players taking a dive and screaming about their leg when literally NOTHING hit them. Jesus god, the drama queening is so pathetic. And the refs just eat it up.


It works even better without an audience because nothing drowns out the dramatic screaming.

Yes I noticed this when I tried to watch the Euros 2020 final. Sickening.

I will say though that I saw the 2012 women’s football final (I got tickets in as many different sports as I could fit in around the gymnastics) and the first half contained no free kicks. It was flowing and enjoyable football.

Yeah, I was watching a men’s game. I don’t recall the last women’s game I saw being as full of rolling on the ground clutching my leg/head/throat dramatics. Maybe because women would be more likely to be labeled and called out for it.

I don’t know what the solution is, but as an American I’m already only vaguely interested in soccer and stuff like that will keep me from watching another game (unless there is nothing else to choose from).

For those unaware, Morinari Watanabe’s side-hustle is running the boxing tournament this year. Thomas Bach is sick of the AIBA’s nonsense and suspended their governing body status. I checked out some boxing yesterday and see judges’ scores are being revealed after each round. That’s a nice change and the sport certainly could use more score transparency.