2020 Men's Artistic Gymnastics Team Final (Monday, July 26, 2021)

Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video: 6 am EST









Has anyone seen start lists for tomorrow yet?

ETA: I think I found them

I didn’t look at the correct tab

If I’m reading that right Dalaloyan is set for all six.

Ha! That’s exactly what I was checking as well

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I really wasn’t planning on drinking to start Monday morning… I may need to rethink that thought. I love the if I’m going down, I’m going down swinging attitude but OMG. On a positive floor is last, so they can always switch him out… but he has to survive vault to to PB and high bar.

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Yes I put the start lists/live results links in the first post.
Once they finalize the start lists those will appear on the Olympics tabs on their site.

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China is replacing Lin Chaopan on SR with Zou. Good choice because dropping Lin’s 13 would give them an advantage over Russia/Japan, but odd that Zou didn’t do SR in prelims. He went low 14 in Stuttgart.

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At least this one is at an acceptable time for Europe!
According to Luba:


Why isn’t the view for floor working?

Is that the issue? I thought they reduced it to 6 teams and I couldn’t understand why?

It’s working now. They had to reset the multiview. I only had one view for a few seconds, but it’s all good now. I can see China and Japan. Oh wait, I lied. Now two views aren’t working.

dang, this messed up

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It’s like, can NBC do anything right for the men?


Great 14.5000 for Joe on Rings

NBC finally got it right.

BBC reported that China put an enquiry in on their first score. Starting early!

I know next to nothing about MAG (and am nt nearly so invested in the outcomes), so I can usually watch without having a heart attack, which is nice.

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I think that’s the best pommel horse rotation US has had at the Olympics in a long long time. Maybe since 2004?