2020 Men's Artistic Gymnastics Qualifications (Saturday, July 24, 2020)

The puffy down coats are back.

BBC aren’t showing it! Arghhhhhh :dizzy_face:

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The commentators sound British!

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Here we go!!!

On NBC? I think they’re Australian.

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I’m pretty sure they’re Aussies, or the woman at least? I recognize her voice but couldn’t tell you her name.

PS I love china’s masks

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My ears and brain can’t detect the difference.

She commentated the livestreams in Rio, plus a bunch of international meets in the 00s, Melbourne worlds comes to mind most prominently.

China is looking good on vault.

have they showed russia at all?

I just signed up for the Discovery+ coverage. That was a mad scramble. Disappointed with the beeb, qualifications have been on red button since 2004.

Not yet, just CHN and UKR so far.

Help! Is this streaming on Peacock? I don’t have cable, which seems to mean I can’t use the stream.

I get NBC Sports through Sling, but can’t seem to watch that way either.

Peacock will only have subs the US is in. Not sure if they’ll be live or replays

I have Sling too and I was able to get it on NBC Sports. When they ask you to sign in, you have to search for a provider and put in Sling, then it should work.

Where can I watch! US

thanks, I thought I missed something

I don’t know if it works in the us, maybe with a vpn https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1918076995696

That’s our public diffuser in Canada.


Thank you!

anyone where they have live scoring since we missed all of RUS