2020 Men's Artistic Gymnastics Qualifications (Saturday, July 24, 2020)

Subdivision 1

:fx: MG 1 :romania: Draglescu, :croatia: Srbic, :malaysia: lOO, :new_zealand: Koudinov, :czech_republic: Jessen, :ireland: McClenaghan

:ph::ukraine: Kovtun, Pakhniuk, Radivilov,Yudenkov

:sr: :ru: Ablyazin, Belyavskiy, Dalaloyan, Nagornyy, +1 Kartsev, +! Polyashov

:vt: :cn: Lin, Sun, Xiao, Zou +1 Liu, +1 You

:pb: MG 3 :netherlands: Deurloo, :netherlands: Zonderland, :israel: Dolgopyat, :israel: Shatilov, :cyprus: Georgiou, :egypt: : Mohamed

:hb: :es: Abad, Diallo, Mir, Plata +Zapata

Subdivision 2

:fx: :switzerland: Bumann, Bragger, Gischard, Yusof

:ph: :brazil: Barretto Jr., Mariano, Soares, Souza, +1 Zanetti

:sr: :uk: Fraser, Hall, Regini-Moran, Whitlock

:vt: MG 6 :hong_kong: Shek, :mexico: Corral, :armenia: Davtyan, :canada: Cournoyer, :bulgaria: Huddleston, :nigeria: Eke, :greece: Petrounias

:pb: :jp: Hashimoto, Kaya, Kitazono, Tanigawa, +1 Kameyama+1 Uchimura,

:hb: MG 4 :vietnam: Dinh, :vietnam: Le, :australia: Bull, :kazakhstan: Karimi, :sweden: Rumbutis, :albania: Petrov, :chile: Gonzalez

Subdivision 3

:fx: :de: Dauser, Dunkel, Herder, Toba

:ph: :taiwan: Hung, Lee, Shiao, Tang

:sr: MG 5 :tr: Arican :tr: Asil, :tr: Colak, :tr: Onder, :it: Edalli, :it: Lodadio, :philippines: Yulo

:vt: MG 2 :fr: Ait Said, :fr: Frasca, :fr: Tommasone, :uzbekistan: Abdurakhimov, :norway: Heggemsnes, :lithuania: Tvorogal, :aze: Tixonov

:pb: :us: Malone, Mikulak, Moldaeur, Wiskus, +1 Yoder

:hb: :kr: Kim, Lee, Ryu, Yang, +1 Shin

Start Lists and Live Scoring here:

Dalaloyan is listed as competing all 6 events and is also doing two vaults.

I wonder if he will compete enough difficulty on floor and vault to overcome David.

It will be interesting. I donโ€™t understand competing 2 vaults though, given his injury and Ablyazin and Nagornyy are doing two vaults each. It is quite risky.

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Season 3 Smiling GIF by The Simpsons

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Iโ€™m not able to watch most of it as I have to start work at 6.30am (on a Saturday, that should be outlawed), and I need sleep. Wonโ€™t get home before the final rotation.
Currently debating if I should watch it unspoilt after work while waiting for WAG to start or hide in the toilets every so often to check scoresโ€ฆ

I canโ€™t wait any longer! Is it time yet? Come on come on come on!

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You know youโ€™re going to be in those toilets!

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Anyone have an idea if they are saving the replays for prime time or immediately available?

Iโ€™ve been wondering too. Iโ€™d thought archived footage would be immediately available (podium training was, with a login online), but it looks like if you didnโ€™t watch opening ceremonies live you have to wait until after prime time.

It should not take this much work to watch a sporting event.

Amen to that.

Aside from NBC, is there another way to stream this? Just looking into options. Thanks!

Ok when does Sub 1 start EST? I canโ€™t find the right post with all that infoโ€ฆ

Morning Europeans, yawn!

So excited and also on my edge of the seat for all the wrong reasons given Russia.

:pray: for Artur and Nikata.

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9pm eastern.

Now I just need to find a live stream on my smart TV.


itโ€™s weird to see some wearing masks and others arenโ€™t

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