2020 Men's Artistic All Around Final (Wednesday, July 28, 2021)

Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

:jp: Daiki Hashimoto
:ru: Nikita Nagornyy
:cn: Xiao Ruoteng
:cn: Sun Wei
:uk: Joe Fraser
:ru: Artur Dalaloyan

:jp: Takeru Kitazono
:tr: Ahmet Onder
:us: Brody Malone
:us: Samuel Mikulak
:tr: Adem Asil
:uk: James Hall

:taiwan: Lee Chih Kai
:brazil: Caio Souza
:de: Lucas Dauser
:taiwan: Tang Chia-Hung
:ukraine: Petro Pakhniuk
:kazakhstan: Milad Karimi

:switzerland: Benjamin Gischard
:de: Phillip Herder
:kr: Lee Junho
:switzerland: Eddy Yusof
:ukraine: Illia Kovtun
:brazil: Diogo Soares

Reserve Athletes:
:es: Joel Plata
:it: Ludovico Edalli
:kr: Kim Hansol
:mexico: Daniel Corral

I hope Hashimoto wins. It is time for a gold medal for the home gymnasts. (Especially since Kohei can’t have one :sad: )

Well, after all that has happened in the last 24 hours, what can possibly go wrong today? Can the home boy Hashimoto do it, or can the confidence currently within the ROC camp carry my favourite, Nagorny, to golden glory. More importantly, can Artur get round in one piece #prayforArtur.

I’m also very interested to see how Joe Fraser handles going round with the top group - I wouold love to see him get a good placing.


I think Joe Fraser could be a dark horse here if anyone gives him room.
It should be a very exciting final, anyway.

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I’d like to see Nagornyy-Hashimoto-Dalaloyan. Agree about Fraser, that’s some company he is in. Hoping for another great competition and a triple pike. The former is much more important.


Hope Sam can have a great day and be proud of it, regardless of the result.


Good start for Joe on floor - 14.100

Nice from Joe

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Steady start for Mikulak - PH - 13.566

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Sun Wei improved his floor from quals

Great start on PH for Brody - 14.100

The thing I hate about watching MAG is that I don’t know the routines and athletes well enough to go beyond β€˜hit’ and β€˜not hit’ to knowing where a routine was in range for the athlete; I have to trust the commentators for perspective, and I just don’t.


I’m watching the BBC commentary at the moment (until they put bloody dressage or rowing on) - Christine and Craig are usually ok

Geeeez - 14.433 for Nagornyy on floor! :confused:

Not Nagorny’s best.

Artur survived floor! A few shuffles on landings but 14.050

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Same! I need more input.

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Wei is here to win - 14.966 on pommels