1994 individual worlds

I have a question that’s been burning in my mind for a while, hopefully one of you can help me out :slight_smile:

What was the format for the AA at these championships? It looks like there was a separate AA final but it seems to have consisted of 66 competitors which strikes me as really odd for a final, leading me to believe that perhaps the prelims doubled as AA finals, but then the #s don’t add up across the prelims/finals page - unless the QF page lists VT averages instead of 1st/highest scoring vault? Idk

There was no qualification round for the all around. Instead, each country was allowed to have up to three gymnasts compete in the event.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Interesting that the gym results page has different #s for a QF/Final when there was only one session.

Preliminaries existed for purposes of qualifying for the individual event finals. However, they did not count toward qualification to the all around final. Apologies for the confusion!

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That quad was so confusing with the various Worlds and formats.
That was the only quad to have 5 World Championships.

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The prelims we’re held across 2 days. There were four sessions each day IIRC. FX/V/PH/UB/SR one day and then V/BB/PB/FX/HB the next but run all at the same time not alternating like EF now. There were 4 gymnasts allowed per team in prelims, but only 3 per AA and 2 in EF.

AA had three sessions with one per federation in each session. Hatagan won the first session and still finished top 8 at the end.

USA sent Borden/Dawes/Fontaine/ and Miller for prelims.

I think the user GutsuFan on YouTube has the British Eurosport coverage of all rounds.

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