1990 Goodwill Games Question

I was going down memory lane on and watching some 1990s gymnastics…it’s the year I fell in love with the sport, and in particular, Brandy Johnson. She did so well at the World Cup, that I looked her up on wikipedia and read that she was originally asked to be an alternate for the Goodwill Games. Apparently, she declined, and then declined again when Erica Stokes withdrew. Brandy contended that Karoyli hid Erica’s injuries. Were there trials for the team? Brandy finished 3rd at Nationals and won 2 events, and she was clearly a better gymnast than Erica or Amy Scherr. Brandy also competed and won the 1990 US Olympic Festival. She added difficulty on beam and floor for the 1990 World Cup. Does anyone remember how the Goodwill Games was chosen? I found one article and it’s behind a pay wall. Just curious.


They used the top 5 optionals AA total from nationals. Brandy had fallen off beam in optionals.

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Interesting. What was Brandy’s placement in optionals? She certainly was still better than most, even with the fall.


Brandy had won compulsories and had a .3 lead over Kim Zmeskal and (LOL) Kim Kelley. The AA title would have been hers if not for the beam fall. She also had some unusual issues on floor.

Loved Brandy. The damn beam…she repeated her second tumbling pass. Close to a 10.0 would’ve won it.