1979 Schwebebalken Finale

I’m not sure what exactly this competition is or who are all the gymnasts and I don’t know German, but it’s interesting nonetheless:

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Is Fort Worth, 1979 World Championships.

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Oooohhhhhhhhh, thank you!

Can I just say that it still bugs me 40+ years later that Vera Cerna won with that routine with its wobble, bent leg bhs and just a layout dismount (oh and I didn’t like the back tuck, back tuck series) … and the judges gave it 9.9!

For future reference, wm is world championships (Weltmeisterschaft) and schwebebalken is balance beam. Euros would be em. Maybe there’s other vids out there

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Much appreciated. It looks like that YT channel has been uploading some old competitions.

Toneva’s choreo at 7:32 is camp